My name is Marcin. On this page you can find software I wrote since I was a child. These are all free programs, I am writing them as a hobby. Recently I'm contributing to open source on If you want to find out more about me, look at this.

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Hexplorer, a program I'm currently working on in my free time can be downloaded from here. It is free hex editor for Windows, licensed under GNU GPL. This program was created as an answer to my needs, I hope you'll find it useful too. The program is currently not evolving due to lack of time and it's complexity, I'm just fixing bugs, so I would be very pleased if you wrote to me and send suggestions and bug reports, I could improve and debug this program better then. Current version is 2.6.

Update: On some computers initial font may be displayed very small. This video shows how you can change font to more readable in such a case.

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File Size Description
hex_setup26.exe (sourceforge)
hex_setup26.exe (artemis)
478 kB Automatic installer for Windows (sourceforge) (artemis)
1.6 MB Source code and zipped binaries 218 kB Sample screen-shots with brief comments
features.html 3 kB Features
contributors.html 2 kB Authors Forum
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Program for encrypting files. It's advantages are low overhead and no need for the program to decrypt your data - just password you used. After encryption file is shredded, so it can't be undeleted.

File Size Description
ife_setup.exe 131 kB Automatic installer for windows 67 kB Zipped binaries 49 kB Source code
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This is a tool to convert different polish characters encoding standards from Microsoft CP-1250 to ISO 8859-2 and vice versa. It also can remove polish encoding and make files using ISO 8591-1.

File Size Description 131 kB Zipped binaries
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